Encapsulated o-ring and cam lock gasket manufacturer, M-COR INC. is a leading global supplier of chemical resistant Teflon® encapsulated silicone, Viton®, EPDM o-ringsM-Cor Inc logo and encapsulated cam lock gaskets for  OEM’s. Also, we are a precision extruder of fluoroelastomers, silicones and EPDM extruded profiles. This combination of capabilities allows us to  immediately respond to customer prototype and production requests, enabling us to meet exact specifications for converting extruded profiles into encapsulated o-rings, encapsulated cam lock gaskets, chemical transport tubing and custom engineered encapsulated sealing products. Call 630.860.1150 or email: customerservice@m-cor.com now for immediate assistance.

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Encapsulated Viton®/Silicone Shapes

In 1987 M-Cor Inc. began manufacturing  and supplying the global chemical resistant sealing industry with high performance encapsulated o-rings. Our commitment to quality and builmcor_flagding successful partnerships with our customers has enabled us to expand our manufacturing capabilities to include: Precision Viton® and  Silicone extrusions, Teflon® encapsulated cam lock coupling gaskets,  micro and large diameter encapsulated o-rings. We are committed to manufacturing quality encapsulated o-rings and high performance sealing products at competitive pricing. Our flexible delivery schedules will meet your needs. We  welcome the opportunity to service your Teflon® encapsulated o-ring,Teflon® encapsulated cam lock coupling gasket and custom engineered encapsulated sealing requirements!

M-Cor, Inc. is the first within the encapsulated o-ring industry to provide the following online services :

 ˇ Immediate technical support.  Comprehensive and interactive on-line technical support enables our  customers to obtain suggestions for encapsulated o-ring usage and groove dimensions with Groove Assistant.

 ˇ And much more!


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