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FEP and PFA encapsulated o-ring and gasket manufacturer : M-Cor Inc offers a complete line of Teflon® encapsulated silicone and Viton® o-rings for extreme sealing applications. Semiconductor, pharmaceutical and medical grades are available in standard diameters as small AS009. Preferred standard and metric custom sizes are also manufactured to your specifications.


Encapsulated O-Rings

FEP and PFA Encapsulated O-rings manufactured to AS/BS/JIS or preferred metric and custom sizes starting at.204″/5.18mm inside diameter to unlimited.


Teflon Encapsulated Cam Lock Gaskets

Encapsulated cam lock gaskets for cam and groove couplers from 1/2″ to 4.00″


Micro Encapsulated O-Ring

Micro Teflon encapsulated o-rings with inside diameters as small as .187″ / 4.75 mm



M-Cor Inc extrudes close tolerance extrusions in FKM,Silicone and EPDM. Round , square, rectangular or complex polygons.

M-Cor Inc

M-Cor Inc celebrates 30 years as a manufacturer / supplier of  Teflon encapsulated o-rings,Teflon encapsulated gaskets and extrusions to the global sealing industry in 2017. We look forward to servicing your needs, please contact via email: customerservice@m-cor.com or telephone 1.630.860.1150