Acid Resistant O-rings: Teflon Encapsulated O-Rings

 Teflon  encapsulated Viton® GF-S o-rings exhibits excellent physical properties and low compression set, essential for good sealing performance. A high fluorine polymer elastomer core, Viton® GF-S also offers good low temperature flexibility. In functional sealing tests, the new polymer seals reliably at temperatures close to -25°C ; an important advantage during plant shutdowns and maintenance re-starts in cold winter climates.

Teflon encapsulated Viton® GF-S o-rings demonstrate excellent resistance to strong bases. Following immersion in a 30 percent potassium hydroxide solution for 1 week at 100°C, the new APA polymer core material exhibited high retention of properties and low volume swell, even versus a dedicated base resistant TFE / Propylene copolymer.

Chemical resistant Teflon encapsulated  o-rings with a core material of Viton® GF-S are rsistant aggressive chemical media,  its low compression set and good low temperature flexibility make it ideal for reliable long term sealing in tough chemical process, petrochemical and marine applications.


New Curing Technology

Extrusions of  Viton® GFS – Viton® GFLT
Continuous Cured Lengths for Conversion into Sealing Devices

M-Cor engineering is proud to announce the new development of continuously cured extruded lengths of acid resistant Viton® GFS  and Viton® GFLT. With the  development of APA (Advanced Polymer Architecture) from DuPont Performance Elastomers, these highly chemically resistant elastomers (see chart)  can be economically fabricated into converted products such as: encapsulated o-rings, chemical hose and various sealing devices for extreme applications in both  prototype and production runs.

Cost saving is achieved by elimination of  tooling and fabrication costs associated with previously required molds. Now, where applicable, both outstanding acid resistant Viton® GF-S and  can be profile extruded in lengths of 150 feet or greater and cut to length. Examples are: peristaltic hose, acid resistant transport tube,  industrial hose couplers, FDA Compliant hose, trim seals and cut to length seals, gaskets and packings.

M-Cor Inc. of Helena, Montana, USA is a leading manufacturer of high performance sealing products which includes Teflon® encapsulated o-rings and close tolerance extruded cords, profiles, veneered hose, tubing of Viton® fluoroelastomer and high performance elastomers. Extruded profiles are converted into o-rings, encapsulated o-rings, gaskets, chemical transport tubing and various other products for chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

Chemical Resistance Chart:

Available in various durometers, profiles and sizes.

Viton® ETP,GFS, GFLT and  Applications:

Acid Resistant Hose

Peristaltic Hose

Steam Resistant Tubing

Hose Couplers

Medical Tubing

Fuel Transport Hose

FDA Compliant Hose