ABSORPTION: Teflon® encapsulated O-ring
The ENCAP-O-SEAL, Teflon® o-ring encapsulation absorbs practically no common acids and bases at temperatures as high as 200 degrees C with exposures of up to one year. Even the absorption of solvents is surprisingly small; weight increases are generally less than 1% at elevated temperatures and exposure times. Due to the FEP/PFA encapsulation of the ENCAP-O-SEAL, Teflon® encapsulated O-ring, the effects of volume swell, which is one of the principal causes of seal failure, will be decreased substantially. See How to Choose Application Specific Encapsulated O-rings.

1. No significant differences between FEP and PFA resins in these tests.
2. Equilibrium values; additional exposure times would not increase the values.
3. PFA data only.
4. Not boiling